lex luthor
NAME: Xander Charlson, PH.D

BIRTHDATE / AGE: december 4, 1980 / 37

BIRTHPLACE: boston, massachusetts

RESIDENCE: boston, Massachusetts

STATUS: it's complicated.

EDUCATION: Doctorate (P.h.D)


As far as Xander Charlson knows, he was born to a pretty smart family, and a family with incredible wealth. Which of course isn't to say that he didn't try to work for everything he was given, it just meant things came to him a little easier than most. (Something he very quickly learned would be something he would be resented for, for most of his life.) His father, Doctor Brian Charlson was a graduate from Harvard University, and his mother, Sharon Mako, was a graduate from University of Cambridge, having met while Brian was taking a semester to study abroad in England. Both were destined to do great things, and together they did just that. Brian was a wealthy and nuclear researcher, working for the family company once he graduated, and Sharon was a popular novelist. Deciding to move to Brian's home of Boston, it wasn't long before the pair were married and soon were pregnant with their first (and only) child - a son they decided to name Xander. So in the winter of 1980, Xander was brought into the world, seemingly eager to learn everything that the world had to offer him. The boy had an early start on business, and by the time Xander had reached age 10, he was already trying to help out at the company. Proud that his son was taking an interest in such a young age, Xander's father did all he could to further along Xander's education by getting him into the best schools that the city had to offer, but Xander longed to play with kids that might have been different than him. So instead of going to private school, like his parents wanted. Xander found himself enrolling in public high school.

It took him a bit to get into high school and make friends, and he was deemed a social outcast by most of his peers. It was when he was a junior in high school that he met a young girl named Lainey who ended up becoming his rock and best friend through the rest of his high school years, and well into college. From there, his social group began to grow, and Xander found he was finally starting to become the type of person that he really had wanted to be. It also helped that Xander's love of learning caught on fairly quickly. Soon he was excelling far faster than anyone expected. By the time he turned 17, Xander was accepted into Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Yale, and various other Ivy league schools. But the one school he wanted to attend, wanted him to wait a year before he applied, and that school was University of Cambridge in England; the Alma Mater of his mother, and where his parents met. When he turned 18 in 1998, he was finally given his dream admission to University of Cambridge, and soon headed off there.

Heading to another country to get a higher education seemed like a bit of a risk, but it ended up being a great one, as he ended up making a life long friend in a roommate he met later in his collegiate career. Taking an interest in the world around him and how people inhabated it made sense, given Xander's ability to 'read' people in a way that not many others thought capable, and it was only a matter of time before he decided on getting his Bachelors of Arts in Human, Social, and Political Sciences, getting the degree in 2001, and started right up on graduate, doing a year program for a Master of Studies (MSt) in Sustainability Leadership, graduating in 2003, and a second masters by 2004 in Master of Studies (MSt) in Entrepreneurship, having started it half way through his first Masters degree.

His schooling did not stop there though. After seeing what he could do if he applied himself, and thinking of what what he could bring to his family's company with his new ideas, Xander decided to keep continuing his education. This time, though, it was time to leave England and return home, home to America. Heading back to Boston, he spent a year getting himself back into his life at home, and getting into his family's company; serving where he was needed to for Board of Director meetings with the company. While serving as the youngest member of the board, Xander knew he had to do his best to prove himself and what he could do -- what better way to do that than by coming back with another degree? People always respected a Ph.D, Xander threw himself completely into his studies. So Harvard University was where he ended up going in 2005, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Economics, knowing it could be applied to business, and everything else.

To further himself, he took a position as a professor's assistant, and it was there that he ended up meeting a student a few years younger than him, but it was no matter. Xander decided to take a shot at asking her out and found himself pleasantly surprised when she finally said yes. Their relationship was slow to build, mostly due to Xander's almost seemingly strange inability to tell everything about himself (not so surprising considering his chosen profession), but eventually he opened up and their relationship blossomed from there. Though with everything in Xander's life, eventually working on his career and himself took over and he lost focus in his relationship, thus losing his fiancee in the process. Or so he thought. He found out that his fiancee ended up leaving him for one of his closest guy friends, and not only was that relationship over, but the friendship he had with the guy was also strained. It wasn't the best position to be in, but it showed Xander that he needed to pay more attention to what was going on in his personal life - and the lives of those involved with him. Wouldn't it make sense to apply all his education to his own personal situations?

By 2007, he was finally done with his Doctorate, and he was given a chance to be in the company at a larger scale. But while the company was working on nuclear fusion and environmentally green ways of improving the country, it just wasn't something that Xander found he was interested in. Much to his surprise, his father Brian was devastated, angry that Xander did not want to be a part of the family company. Xander remained on the Board of Directors, but didn't take a very active stance in it, and Brian all but stopped speaking to Xander. It was this rift between father and son that caused a rift between Xander's parents, and his mother finally left - not without announcing she had been cheating on Xander's father for years. It was a strange catalyst of everything falling apart, simply because Xander chose to go his own way, but he supposed that wasn't something that he really could have changed. He had to do what he wanted, and what he strove for in life, not what others wanted for him.

Xander decided to open his own business, one that would take over everything his father and mother had built up. The problem was not so much with their leadership, but with the way things were being built and handled; Xander ended up doing a hostile takeover, turned everything under his name, and started to work towards what he felt was building a better tomorrow. XC Corp was formed and Xander himself sat at the head of it. Building up technology and using it to help others and make the world better, without all the family drama tied to the business, really was the best of both words.

Or so he thought.
lex luthor
Lex Luthor is the genius, ego-centered Metropolis businessman who, with his company LexCorp and scientifically advanced Warsuit, has acted as both an antagonist and ally to Superman and the Justice League.

Alexander Luthor was born and raised in Smallville, Kansas with a sickly sister, Lena, who he promised to cure.

As an adult, Lex Luthor moved to Metropolis and set himself up as a troubleshooter. When he began intercepting signals from an alien craft that called itself the "Brain Inter-Acting Construct", he set up a dialogue, trading data about Earth for alien scientific knowledge.

Through a strange benefactor, he was recruited into an alliance of convenience with General Lane of Project: Steel Soldier and Glen Glenmorgan, the corporate master of Metropolis, against Superman. However, Luthor double-crossed Lane and Glenmorgan, stealing the Kryptonite the group planned to use, and leaked their plan to a reporter named Clark Kent.

He attempted to aid Brainiac during the shrinking of Metropolis, but, in the aftermath, there was no evidence and so the government was forced to let him go. Luthor spent the next several years filling the power vacuum in Metropolis left by Glenmorgan... (More at the DC Wikia)

  • Doctorate (P.h.D) in Organizational Behavior (Harvard University, Graduated 2011)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Economics (Harvard University, Graduated 2007)
  • Master of Studies (MSt) in Entrepreneurship (University of Cambridge, Graduated 2003)
  • Master of Studies (MSt) in Sustainability Leadership (University of Cambridge, Graduated 2002)
  • Bachelors of Arts in Human, Social, and Political Sciences (University of Cambridge, Graduated 2001)

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